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Win new business by visually engaging your clients & prospects

  • Screen and visually compare investments in a brand new way using patented technology
  • Establish a visual risk score for investments & portfolios so you can align your client’s risk capacity and risk appetite.
  • Establish a visual quality score which quantifies the risk & reward behavior of portfolios to choose the best one
  • Build and track your model portfolios
  • Import holdings and cost basis for prospects to evaluate each holding (red, yellow, or green) and build proposals with mock trades & capital gains tax.
  • Link your Orion households to continuously evaluate client holdings, transactions & more
  • Visually demonstrate how investments & portfolios performed during periods of stress such as Covid, Global Financial Crisis, Black Friday, the Great Depression, and more

Larger financial advisor teams will typically employ research analysts and traders. Our platform deeply integrates research data with client data to provide AI powered insights while automating the tasks of analysts & traders. Win new business, automate client meeting preparation, have visually rich client conversations, and streamline post-meeting execution of action items.

Win new business by offering an innovative, tax efficient, & extremely low cost securities-based lending platform for your clients

Most financial advisors are unaware that you can borrow money against marketable securities using an Options Box Spread strategy. The lending rates are about the same as treasury notes for various durations (the yield curve). The loan can be fixed for up to 5 years using SPX LEAPS and the “implied interest” shows up as a capital loss on a client’s 1099 tax statement! This capital loss can reduce a client’s taxable Adjusted Gross Income and is considered an above-the-line tax deduction. The tax benefit can even be rolled over to the next tax year if unused. Additionally, the loan can be closed or rolled over at any time and are taxed as a 1256 contract.

As of May 4, 2023, you could execute a new loan using this options strategy for a 3.5% annualized fixed rate (before tax benefit) until December 17, 2027 (4.6 years) which equates to an after tax lending rate of 2.3% for a client that has capital gains rate of 23.7% for federal tax and 10% for state tax (a 33.7% tax equivalent benefit). Compare that to Charles Schwab margin rates over 11.6% for the same date!

Consider this white paper authored by the Options Clearing Corp entitled “Exchange-listed Options Strategies for Borrowing or Lending Cash” which lists the following key benefits of the trade:

  • Competitive implied interest rate of the box spread.
  • Buyer (lender) and seller (borrower) are protected from counterparty credit risk because the transaction is guaranteed by The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)-the largest equity derivatives clearing organization in the world.
  • Capital efficiencies can be achieved through portfolio margining and any margin surplus in the portfolio may be applied to collateralize the box spread.
  • Additional efficiencies can be achieved through substituting collateral held by OCC.
  • The box spread can be liquidated by an offsetting transaction easily and transparently on an exchange.
  • Potential 60% long-term and 40% short-term tax treatment under section 1256 of the Tax Code.
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